BODYPUMP is "THE ORIGINAL BARBELL CLASS " , the ideal workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit fast.  Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition. BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout. It will burn up to 540 calories


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Sandra Lomey aka (Sange )

Throughout my life the message has always been clear. Find your passion and love what you do. I'm happy to say I LOVE what I do here at Cambridge Fitness & proud to be part of the world wide Les Mills Tribe.

I have been teaching BODYPUMP since 2012 & my passion for this incredible, evolving program never wavers. It stems from the personal satisfaction I obtain by helping someone learn something new, to inspire, push & motivate them to be their personal best every time they walk into my class. Often I find it's the people I'm trying to push & inspire are the very ones that end up inspiring me.

BODYPUMP is a program to shape and tone our bodies but it's so much more than that to me. It's the mental goodness I get from moving & pushing my body. This is why I keep on coming back for more.

Raychel Russell

BODYPUMP was my first programme to teach. I remember coming to Cambridge Fitness as a member and doing BODYPUMP.

When I started to team teach I was literally shaking at the knees. I just love this program and what it delivers to every person.

The programme with so many reps produces the " rep effect " which creates lean muscle and a fitness component thats out of this world, another reason why I love it so much .

As much as I love this programme what I love as much if not more is the participants as they make the class. Seeing them get the results they deserve from their hard work is amazing.

I love my Les Mills classes and so happy to apart of the United Tribe that is the Les Mills and CamFit family

Sarah Cockburn

I came to Cambridge Fitness 15 years ago and was drawn straight away to BODYPUMP, firstly because of the awesome instructors and their energy, the wonderful environment and those killer tunes !!

I felt immediately comfortable in the class as it attracts a huge range of people, men, women of all ages, shapes and sizes working on the same beat for the same goal. To be part of something, getting stronger and loving the composition of your body I was hooked.

I am one of the newer instructors having just completed my Les Mills module in BODYPUMP, I love working with a team that gives me constant guidance and support, bless you .

In the beginning it was a challenge just to finish the class, now I hope to share my love of BODYPUMP, challenge, encourage and uplift others as much as they do me.

Cambridge Fitness isn't just a gym to me it's a home away from home and along with Les Mills we are truly one Tribe